Sunday, March 24, 2019

The early settlers were faced with an Indian scare from time to time.  Burt Dopp, whose parents homesteaded south of Eagle told of the time he, his mother and sister, Agnes, were taken by surprise by an Indian brave who walked in and sat down on a stool in the kitchen.  The Indian didn’t speak or do anything but sharpen his knife, scaring the poor Dopp family.  Mr. Dopp gave the Indian a slab of bacon when he came in from plowing and the Indian left.

South of Eagle there was an Indian trail and watering hole near where Mr. Johnny Michael homesteaded. Mr. Herb Oberle, who lives in the stone house built in 1873 by David Stall on the same property, remembers Johnny Michael and some of the stories told about him.  Once Johnny and his dog had to hide in a hollow tree for three days because he happened upon a battle between two Indian tribes, took refuge in the tree and didn’t dare come out.

Mr. Michael wasn’t afraid to stand up to an Indian, however.  He tried to share a half slab of bacon with and Indian once, but the Indian took the whole thing. Johnny shot and buried him, hiding the grave under a log.  When the tribe searched for the grave, they never found it.

He wasn’t the only Indian to meet his fate at the hands of Johnny Michael.  Johnny was ready for one brave soul who tried to lure him out of his log house by throwing walnuts at the roof.  Even though the Indian had his tomahawk poised to attack from his perch in a tree, Johnny Michael was quicker with his gun.

Mr. Michael must have become well known and his gun respected.  One morning on his way to town he saw a farmer’s team and wagon in a field.  On his way home again, it was still there along with the Indians who had stolen it. Johnny didn’t hesitate to tell them to take it back.  They did!

There is a very early report of a family who was killed and their homestead burned (on property owned by Leonard Keim). Neighbors found them and buried them at the site on the side of a hill.



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