Tuesday, August 14, 2018

If you have any question about building permits and codes, please contact Village of Eagle Building Official Rick Hestermann at rick.hestermann@gmail.com or contact the Village Office.

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1.      How deep do my footings have to be?

  • Frost footings in this area should be 36” below grade

2.      How large can a building be before frost footings are required?

  • 400 square feet is the maximum allowed on a slab with a thickened edge.

3.      Do I need a permit to put up a small shed?

  • Probably not. Sheds up to 120 sq. feet do not require a permit.
  • Please call to double check.

4.      Do I need a permit to put up a fence?

  • No, by current Eagle Ordinance, only fences over 6’4” require a permit. Remember to call Digger’s Hotline at 1-800-331-5666 at least 48 hours before digging any postholes.

5.      I’m building a deck, do I need a permit?

  • Decks lower than 30” above grade do not require a permit if they are not permanently attached to the main building.

6.      Does my deck need a railing?

  • If your deck is higher than 30” above grade, it needs a rail.  Remember, the railing must be constructed in such a way that a 4” ball will not fit between any parts of the railing system.

7.      Why do we need building codes anyway? We’ve gotten along fine without them until now!

  • Eagle has had a building code for many years.  Historically, most homeowners and builders have done a good job of working within the code.  It is important to remember that the codes the Village has adapted will ensure minimum standards of quality in workmanship and safety have been met.  This is a good thing not only for individual homeowners, but for the entire community.

8.      What codes are we using? How do I know if I am meeting code requirements?

  • The Village has adapted the 2012 International Building Code, the 2012 International Residential Code, plus related mechanical and plumbing codes. The state electrical Division requires that all work done in the State of Nebraska comply with the requirements of the most recent version of the National Electrical Code. A Copy of the 2012 IBC, IRC, and related codes are available for inspection and reference at the Village Office, 540 C Street, Eagle NE.

9.      I live in a subdivision. What is a Homeowner’s Association and what does it mean to me?

  • Most of the subdivisions in this area have Homeowner’s Associations. They also have covenants. Covenants are rules governing the use of subdivision property, as determined by the Homeowner’s Association. These rules may differ from the Village Code. In either case, the most restrictive rules will apply. Contact wither your Association or Richard Firebaugh to learn more about these rules.

10.  Do I need to put in sidewalks?

  • Yes. If sidewalks are not already in place.  Village Ordinance requires the developer of any property to install suitable walks. Please contact the Building Official for approved sidewalk details and requirements.

11.  Who is responsible for maintaining sidewalks?

  • By Ordinance, all property owners are required to maintain safe walks.  If walks are not maintained, the owner will be given notice to repair unsafe walks.  If walks are not repaired in a timely manner, the Village may elect to do the work and bill the owner of the property.

12.  Why do I have to pay for a Permit to tear down an old building? I am doing the Village a favor by removing a hazard!

  • Demolition Permits are required by ordinance. Inspection is required to make sure that all utilities are abandoned properly, that all debris is correctly removed from the site, that any backfill is correctly placed and compacted, that no health or safety hazards are created during demolition, and many other factors.


13.  How do I connect to Village Utilities?

  • The Village usually makes these connections for a fee.  At your option, you may elect to have your plumber do the work, subject to inspection by Village Maintenance personnel.  Current pricing for these connections can be obtained from the Village Clerk.

14.  What is a curb cut?  When is one required?

  • The term “curb cut” refers to the opening that must be made in an existing street curb to accommodate installation of a new driveway.  The owner’s contractor typically does this work.  A curb cut fee is charged so that Village Maintenance Personnel can coordinate and inspect the work.  In addition, a deposit is collected at the time of application.  This deposit is returned after proper installation of the new device.

15.  I did not know that a permit or inspections were required for my project.  The work is nearly done.  Am I in trouble?

  • Typically no.  There are provisions in both the Building Code and Village Ordinances that can cause permit fees to double, charge for investigating and additional inspections, and related penalties.  These measures, however, will only be taken if an individual property owner or contractor is willing disregarding these regulations and operating in bad faith. The goal of the Building Code is to provide minimum standards of quality and safety within the community, not to persecute the citizens.  Contact the Building Official directly, or fill out a Permit Application.  Most problems can be easily resolved.

16.  I have begun my project, and now I’m being told that some of the work does not meet code.  How was I supposed to know?

  • The individuals doing the work must understand requirements of the Building Code and Village Ordinances. Ignorance of the requirements of these regulations does not excuse compliance failures.  The Building Official will do everything possible to answer any questions relating to the Code and Ordinances, but it is your responsibility to design and construct your project correctly.

17.  Can I start using the building before final inspection?

  • In most cases, no.  The Code, and Village of Eagle Ordinances, require that a Certificate of Occupancy be issued before a structure can be used for any purpose.  Some exceptions may be granted, but only with the written consent of the Building Official.

18.  Do I need a Permit to repair my front porch?

  • No.  As long as the repair does not alter the design of the structure as originally constructed, or effect major structural elements such as foundations or framing, no permit is required.



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