Wednesday, June 20, 2018

August 28, 2017
The Village Board of Trustees met in special session at 7:00 p.m. on August 28, 2017 with Moore, Young, Rash, Schukei and Meier present. The Agenda items listed thereon were sufficiently descriptive to give the public reasonable notice of the matters to be considered at the meeting. The Chairperson, at the beginning of the meeting, informed the public about the location of the posted current copy of the Open Meetings Act. Chairperson Moore named the three (3) areas where the agenda was posted as follows: Village Clerk’s Office, Eagle Fire & Rescue Department and Eagle State Bank.

Chairperson Moore called the meeting to order at the Eagle Fire & Rescue Department at 7:00 p.m. for discussion on the FY-2018 budget.
The Village accountant, Lisa Riley, discussed the FY-2018 budget. The capital outlay items listed were discussed as possible items to be purchased and do not dictate, because they are listed, they will be purchased. Some of the items will be budgeted over a number of years so the Village can become in compliance as required or monies will be placed into a savings or CD in order to purchase larger items that cannot be purchased in one fiscal year.
Items discussed in the budget workshop were as follows:
General Fund: Comprehensive Development Plan Book $60,000; Community Center/Village Office Savings $50,000; Nuisance Building Removal $20,000; Tree Removal $8,000.
Road Fund: Backhoe $52,000; Sidewalk ADA Ramps $15,000; Crack Sealing & Routing $15,000; Bobcat Upgrade $2,000.
Sewer Fund: Oxidation Ditch Brushes & Digester Building Repairs $40,000; WWTP Generator Savings $25,000; Cleaning of Wastewater Mains $12,000; DO Probe $5,000.
Water Fund: Water Study/GIS Mapping $32,500; Water Main Upgrades $20,000; Fire Hydrants $10,000.
Park Fund: Pool Repairs & Lighting $30,000; Lifeguard Certifications $1,000.
Fire Fund: SCBA Fill Chamber $8,500; Hotsy (½ with Rural) $3,750; Radios $1,500; Dress Uniform Apparel $1,500.
Rescue Fund: Ambulance Savings $25,000; Updating Office Equipment & Bathrooms $5,000; Technical Supplies & Gear $3,500; Toughpad Laptop $3,000; Equipment Updating $2,000; Personal Protective Equipment $1,500.
Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.
Nick Nystrom Travis Moore
Village Clerk Chairperson

A true and complete copy of the above minutes is available at the Village Clerk’s Office during regular business hours.
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Recycle Trailer

Village of Eagle now has the recycle trailer full time. The recycle trailer is located next
to the Village Office
at 540 C Street.