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March 6, 2018

The Village Board of Trustees met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. on March 6, 2018 with Moore, Young, Schukei and Meier present. Rash was absent. The Agenda items listed thereon were sufficiently descriptive to give the public reasonable notice of the matters to be considered at the meeting. The Chair, at the beginning of the meeting, informed the public about the location of the posted current copy of the Open Meetings Act. Chairperson Moore named the three (3) areas where the agenda was posted as follows: Village Clerk’s Office, Eagle Fire & Rescue Department and Eagle State Bank.

Chairperson Moore opened the Public Hearing at 7:00 p.m. concerning a Class D Liquor License for Casey’s Retail Company DBA Casey’s General Store 2725, located at 310 Highway 34. Young asked if there have been any alcohol-related complaints at this address. Nystrom said no. Moore asked if there were any comments from the public. There were no comments from the public.

The public hearing was closed at 7:01 p.m.

Motion by Young, second by Meier, to approve Casey’s General Store 2725’s Class D Liquor License at 310 Highway 34. Voting: Ayes – 4. Motion carried.

Open Forum – John Surman (450 Eagle Dr.) said members of the community are questioning him as to why the former Buel Trucking building is not planned for use as a Community Center; on July 5, 2017 the board authorized the Chairperson to sign the Civic & Community Center Financing Fund and on September 18, 2017 the board agreed to lease the same property for use as a municipal building from Eagle Facilities & Grounds Association. Surman said when the language was changed from Community Center to municipal building it may have created some confusion to residents. Moore said the planning grant received by the Village was titled the Civic & Community Center Financing Fund and was administered by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development; this grant was issued to study the potential uses of the existing building and alternative options. Surman said the public had the understanding the existing building was going to be used as a Community Center. Moore said no final decisions have been made and the board has not committed to going any specific direction at this time. Surman said he’d like to see the board be more consistent in the minutes as to what they title the existing building. Mary Schukei (820 Applewood Dr.) identified potholes needing addressed at Eagle Drive & G Street and 3rd Street east of Casey’s. Terry Caddy (21319 Holdrege St.) asked if the board has looked into the possibility of utilizing the new municipal building as a temporary Community Center until a long-term plan is formulized. Moore said this has not been considered primarily due to the ADA accessibility concerns and the cost to meet these requirements.

Krystal Rash arrived at 7:18 p.m.

Motion by Moore, second by Rash, to approve a $500.00 Diamond Membership with Keep Cass County Beautiful. Voting: Ayes – 5. Motion carried.

Motion by Schukei, second by Young, to approve purchase of a water meter from Municipal Supply of Omaha for the Eagle Fire & Rescue Department in the amount of $1,514.56. Voting: Ayes – 5. Motion carried.

Motion by Rash, second by Meier, to approve the purchase of a new drinking fountain for the Eagle Pool from Grainger in the amount of $734.00. Voting: Ayes – 5. Motion carried.

Motion by Moore, second by Rash, to approve contractor estimates for office renovation at 727 South 1st Street with Business Communications System’s in the amount of $1,432.00 for office telephone system equipment, installation and training and new office furnishing estimate in the amount of $8,800.00. Voting: Ayes – 5. Motion carried.

Motion by Rash, second by Meier, to approve minutes as typed for the previous meeting. Voting: Ayes – Schukei, Young, Meier, Rash. Moore abstained. Motion carried.

Motion by Schukei, second by Rash, to approve claims as presented. Voting: Ayes – 5. Motion carried.

Approved Claims: Wages 7,179.18, Board Wages 900.00, All Pro Plumbing 900.00, All Road Barricades 269.30, Allied Benefit Systems 1,694.67, American Exchange Bank 750.00, Justin Anson 192.12, Aramark 197.08, Black Hills Energy 958.05, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NE 456.90, Bromm Lindahl Freeman-Caddy & Lausterer 1,247.00, Casey’s 598.70, Cass Co. Register of Deeds 34.00, Cass Co. Sheriff’s Dept 3,145.21, Patrick Christiansen 300.00, Constellation Energy 998.77, Dylan & Willa DiCostanzo 150.00, Eagle Facilities & Grounds Assn 1,492.00, EFTPS 2,193.12, EMS Billing 103.91, Ernie’s Store 2,403.00, Rick Hestermann 1,573.74, Intuit Quickbooks 610.00, Justin & Michelle Hoatson 150.00, Timothy Eckhout & Kara Hoffbauer 300.00, John Hancock Investments 286.59, John Henry’s Plumbing 238.30, Matheson Tri-Gas 98.30, Menards-South 238.30, Municipal Supply of Omaha 65.30, Murphy Tractor & Equipment 456.69, NE Dept of Rev 1,773.87, NE Public Health Env Lab 30.00, Norland Pure 5.50, Nick Nystrom 37.46, Office Depot 169.97, Olsson Associates 13,690.61, One Call Concepts 9.06, OPPD 5,413.79, O’Reilly Auto Parts 23.63, Jonathan & Jaclyn Panipinto 150.00, People Service 5,225.00, Principal Fin Group 187.79, R & R Service 151.58, Ramco Enterprises 2,450.00, Renaissance Handyman Srvc 47.61, Ricoh USA 239.45, Rock Creek Refuse 60.00, Brice & Holly Schuldt 300.00, Michael Jones & Clancy Smith 300.00, Elwood & Carol Starner 400.00, Roger Stubbendeck 64.50, Sensus USA 1,715.95, US Postmaster 290.00, Verizon Wireless 152.80, Walcro-Lincoln 417.84, Windstream 619.09. Total of bills: $64,105.73.

Approved Park Claims: All Pro Plumbing 2,400.00, American Underground Supply 496.18, Black Hills Energy 24.41, NE DHHS Div of Public Health 40.00, OPPD 88.01. Total of bills: $3,048.60.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

Nick Nystrom Travis Moore
Village Clerk Chairperson

A true and complete copy of the above minutes is available at the Village Clerk’s Office during regular business hours.
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Recycle Trailer

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